SXSW is approaching and UMPG has plenty of hot artists making their way down to the Lone Star State. Below are a few bands you should definitely add to your calendar if you’re planning on attending. In addition to the highlights below, there are several other UMPG artists you should keep on your radar as well. Acts like Future, Gangs of Youth, Heathers, KLP, Lost Weekend, Nas, Sam Roberts Band, Simian Ghost, The John Steel Singers, The Launderettes and many more.

Please let us know if you’d like to hear more music from these artists or the ones below. If you’re planning on being there this year, please reach out to Brian Lambert, Tom Eaton or Gary Miller – we’d love to see ya!

2013 was an exceptional year for A Great Big World, a duo made up of Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino. Their song “Say Something” was featured on NBC’s hit TV show The Voice and became an instant hit when Christina Aguilera joined the duo to perform a moving rendition of an already amazing and emotional song. These two supertalented dudes were also the first musical guest ever on the new Late Night with Seth Meyers show. Their debut album Is There Anybody Out There? reached number #3 on Billboard’s Top 200.

"Say Something" stream download

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino is coming fresh off of his sophomore release Because The Internet. This album, along with his debut effort, Camp, are the latest additions to his already mega-impressive resume that includes writing credits for hit shows The Daily Show and 30 Rock as well as starring on NBC’s Community. Championing clever word-play and introspective lyrics, Because The Internet is an absolute must listen. His video for “3005” is dope, check it out!

"I Crawl" stream download

Raw, gritty, aggressive and amazing!  Deap Vally, a female rock duo out of California is the female answer to The White Stripes and they hope to carry over their stellar 2013 into this year.  Their debut single “Gonna Make My Own Money,” is an absolute banger and was featured on HBO’s Eastbound and Down last year. Their full-length debut Sistrionix dropped last summer. Check out the video for their track “Lies.” >>

stream download

New Glassnote Records signees, Panama Wedding took the Internet by storm this summer by releasing the track “All of the People” which reached over 45,000 plays on Soundcloud in just 5 days. The song immediately garnered attention from influential blogs like Neon Gold and Philadelphia radio station WXPN, who describes ‘All of the People’ as an, “…electro jam with a chorus that you want to loop over and over.”

"All of the People" stream download

A pop and R&B veteran, Kelis is back at the forefront in anticipation of her sixth studio album, Food, that’s scheduled to drop in April. Her new single, the appropriately titled, “Jerk Ribs” recently made its debut online. Not only is Kelis back in the music game but she’s also the star of her own cooking show Saucy & Sweet which will be airing on the Cooking Channel this month. >>

"Jerk Ribs" stream download

There’s a ton of buzz surrounding German synth-pop band, Claire, and for good reason. Their songs have been called “one of the best pieces of dance pop you’ll hear all year” and that is pretty much spot on. Claire finds itself somewhere between synth-pop, electronic-pop, half-time beats, hip-hop and indie. After 3 months of being holed up in the studio, they dropped their EP which resulted in 30,000 Soundcloud plays and a deal with Astralwerks. Check out the video for “Games

"The Next Ones To Come" stream download

This LA based band, Beware of Darkness had a great year in 2013 that included an extensive tour of Europe opening for rock legends Smashing Pumpkins. Their debut album Orthodox dropped last summer and they toured here in US shortly after. Beware of Darkness has been described as “fast moving rock songs with exploding key and rhythm changes mid-song.” Critics say it’s “some of the most promising rock 'n' roll I've heard from a young group in quite a while.”

"Howl" stream download

Liz Nistico and Louie Diller make infectiously cheery, sunny synthpop confections with a deliciously conscious message at their center. For instance, “Happy With Me” carves out a place for self-expression in the face of the pressure women feel to conform to images that bombard them. This LA duo will multitask you with dancing and thinking three undeniably catchy minutes at a time.

"Happy With Me" stream download

Recently signed to Disclosure’s Method label, Tourist’s music seeks to inject emotional introspection into the rhythmic urges of the dancefloor as evidenced on his song “Together”. A self-taught piano and producer, Tourist is the quintessential SXSW act – he’s generated plenty of buzz with his early releases and associations, and is on the cusp of breaking, not to be missed!

"Together" stream download

Currently supporting Disclosure on their Australia/New Zealand tour, Wave Racer’s glistening blast of dance music conjures the work of Kojima and Miyamoto – guys that ear-wormingly scored your favorite video game growing up! On songs like “Streamers”, Wave Racer continues their tradition of using ear-catching sounds and stabs to captivate and make you move.

"Streamers" stream download

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