UNIVERSAL MUSIC PUBLISHING GROUP and NEW LINE CINEMA are proud to present the latest in our film score series. This premier collection is carefully selected from the New Line Cinema catalog and features work from the top film composers in the business including Alexandre Desplat, Cliff Eidelman, Mark Isham, Rolfe Kent, and Randy Newman.

(Alexandre Desplat)
Stream | Download "Prologue"

About Schmidt
(Rolfe Kent)
Stream | Download "Schmidt Went To Denver"

Austin Powers:
International Man of Mystery

(George S. Clinton)
Stream | Download "Austin Action"

Austin Powers 3: Goldmember
(George S. Clinton)
Stream | Download "Austinpussy"

Boiler Room
(Cindy Ann Meyers)
Stream | Download "Opening Sequence"

Going The Distance
(Mychael Danna)
Stream | Download "Garrett Chases After Erin"

The Golden Compass
(Alexandre Desplat)
Stream | Download "Lord Faa, King Of The Gyptians"
Stream | Download "Sky Ferry"

He’s Just Not That Into You
(Cliff Eidelman)
Stream | Download "Prologue/ The Signs"

Journey To The Center of The Earth
(Andrew Lockington)
Stream | Download "Water Drop"

Laws of Attraction
(Edward Shearmur)
Stream | Download "Main Title - Laws of Attraction"

Life As A House
(Mark Isham)
Stream | Download "A Leap"
Stream | Download "Building A Family"
Stream | Download "Round Robin"

Little Children
(Thomas M. Newman)
Stream | Download "Bandshell"

The Mask
(Randy Edelman)
Stream | Download "Carnival"
Stream | Download "Tango In The Park"

(Randy Newman)
Stream | Download "Let’s Go Bowling"
Stream | Download "Mural"
Stream | Download "The Pleasantville Theme"

Pride And Glory
(Mark Isham)
Stream | Download "Riot"

Rush Hour 2
(Lalo Schifrin)
Stream | Download "Nevada Mood"

Take The Lead
(Aaron Zigman)
Stream | Download "Dance Is Like Life"
Stream | Download "Pierre Teaches Tango/ Pierre Alone"

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