All songs 100% UMPG via Oberhofer

"You + Me (Still Together In The Future)"
"You + Me (Still Together In The Future)" [Instrumental]
"Got Your Letter"
"Got Your Letter" [Instrumental]
"Earplugs" [Instrumental]
"Together Never"
"Together Never" [Instrumental]

"All Of The People"
(66.67% UMPG via Kirk)
"All Of The People" [Instrumental]
(66.67% UMPG via Kirk)

"Every Time I Fall"
(100% UMPG via Diller/Nistico)
"Happy With Me"
(100% UMPG via Diller/Nistico)
"Pretend Believe"
(100% UMPG via Diller/Nistico)
"Playboy Girl"
(75% UMPG via Diller/Nistico)

"Bookmark" (75% UMPG via Salimando)
"Deceiver" (50% UMPG via Salimando)
"Devil" (50% UMPG via Salimando)
"Half Sleep" (50% UMPG via Salimando)
"Lost Boys" (50% UMPG via Salimando)
"The Match" (50% UMPG via Salimando)
"Run Away" (33.34% UMPG via Salimando)
"The Stars" (50% UMPG via Salimando)
"Violet Night" (33.34% UMPG via Salimando)
"Younger Hands" (33.34% UMPG via Salimando)
"Rising Like The Sun" - Qulinez ft. Cara Salimando (35% UMPG World via Salimando) [LABEL: SPINNIN’ RECORDS]

"Washington Square Park"
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(50% UMPG World via Miller)

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